Tommelein, Franz

Franz Joseph Jules Camille Eleonore Tommelein – Evelyne (soprano)

Franz was born in Kortemark (Flanders, Belgium) on 13 May 1894.

He was a lawyer (‘notary’) in Belgium

He fled with his family to London in 1914, but joined the Belgian army there as a volunteer.

He was assigned a job as a driver. It’s not clear what ‘vehicle’ he drove either—it most certainly involved handling a horse and cart, but probably also have involved motorised transport. It is suspected that the reason for this assignment was to do with his skill level, but possibly also was due to intervention by his influential family to avoid the front line.

Franz became severely sick with dysentery and barely made it thanks in part to excellent care at the British military hospital.

Franz served with: D 125 5e compagnie. A B=armee  Belge; Z 83 PAV 7e compagnie A B en campagne; C201 4e compagnie et C 201 5e compagnie A B.


2 Responses to Tommelein, Franz

  1. Tommelein says:

    Hello .je have just seen your article as well as the drawings of my back grandfather frans tommelein. I would like to know how you know my back grandfather. My father had some drawings of him .mais we did not know those there. If you don’t mind you could tell me how had them to you .et that you of him know because my father being the youngest, him(it) had no memory(souvenir). Except that c was a very serious man and hard .je thanks you for advance for your information which are precious for me and whose an impatient person of lira I am.

  2. Evelyne de Clercq says:

    Hi Nathalie,
    I (Evelyne, wife of Theirry) received those pictures from my mother in law and Mark. I will write an email to you shortly.

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