Images used in the performance

‘An Australian War Requiem’

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Details of images sourced from the Australian War Memorial.


Western front

PB1086 Unidentified members of the 13th and 14th Battalions share their last minutes in Australia as they wait on the deck of the transport ship A38 HMAT Ulysses

K00035 Soldier and horses with gas masks

E00458 Three soldiers of No 4 Section of the 22nd Machine Gun Company shooting at a German aircraft flying low over the Bullecourt battlefield

E00034 A welcome cup of tea at the Australian Comforts Fund buffet in Longueval

E01405 Australian Engineers, of the 15th Field Company, making crosses for their fallen comrades amid the ruins of Ypres

E02094 Miners of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company excavating dug-outs for Headquarters, 25 feet below the surface, in the Ypres sector.

E04487 An outdoors informal group portrait of unidentified members of 7th Field Company of Australian Engineers standing outside the entrance to the Catacombs in Hill 63

E00769 Three Australian Lewis gunners firing at a Gotha aircraft flying over Hooge, in the Ypres salient

E04623 Near Steenvoorde, France. 30 November 1917. A ward in the 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station near Steenvoorde.

E01154 Unidentified Australian troops marching to the reserve lines in Belgium’s Swan area

E01359 An R.E.8 aircraft, serial number A3662, ‘J’, presented to the Australian Flying Corps by Mr H Teesdale Smith of Adelaide, SA

E00033 Unidentified Australian soldiers of the 2nd Division conversing and smoking cigarettes with an English soldier

H04465 Aisne Area, France. c. 1917. A French soldier in a well sandbagged position at Pontaury using a rifle fitted with a periscopic sight

E03561 Men of the 7th and 8th Brigades of Australian Field Artillery, waiting to move forward

E01683 A view of the Mine Rescue Station of the 3rd Australian Tunnelling Company at Hulluch Tunnels, near Loos

H13454 Western Front. October 1918. A German Army mine thrower and crew entrenched for defence against British Army tanks

E01174 Australian soldiers watching the ascent of an observation balloon over Ypres

E00166 Two unidentified Australian soldiers visiting the snow covered graves of fallen comrades in a cemetery located between Albert and Becordel

E03646 Australian Artillerymen conversing with a liberated villager and child in the reclaimed village of Premont

E05270 Three unidentified regimental stretcher bearers of the 2nd Australian Division, having given first aid, place a patient on a stretcher for conveyance to the nearest Regimental Aid Post during the Third Battle of Ypres


P08286.059 “Saying good-bye, Port Melbourne”. HMAT Euripides (A14) departing from Port Melbourne

H00368 Men and horses being transported to the Dardanelles on board HMT Melville

H02227 Brisbane, QLD. c1915. Troopship Palermo (A56) leaving Pinkenba Wharf with relatives and friends on the wharf farewelling Australian soldiers on their way overseas

P00176.017 Gallipoli, Turkey, 13-12-1915. Doc Cherry taken on day of evacuation ANZAC.

A02740 A flat bottomed barge transporting wounded soldiers from Anzac Cove alongside the Hospital Ship Gascon

H10369 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. 1915. Three Australian Army soldiers attending to a wounded comrade at Gallipoli


Section 1 (Opening)

P04060.005 Devastation on battlefield (Frank Hurley photo)

E04599 Australian soldier rescuing fallen comrade

E01230 View through archway of destroyed building

P04060.002 Menin Road; soldier sheltering from bombing

P03063.006 Australian soldiers in gas helmets

E00030 Soldier writing letter

J03259 Soldiers having Christmas dinner in 1914

E00824 Soldiers in trench

EZ0123 Soldier and icicles hanging from timber beams

E00171 Soldier attempting to obtain a drink under frozen tank.

E00711 Soldiers on stretchers and overturned truck

E00049 Stretcher bearers carrying wounded.

Section 2 (Between Tableaux 1 and 2)

H11567 Mother and Son parading in street

H11575 Women in street reaching out to soldier

H11576 Group of women welcoming soldiers

P07687.001 Formal portrait of mother and son

E02298 Soldier writing letter

RC06464 embroidered silk postcard “To My Dear Mother”

Section 3 (Between Tableaux 2 and 3)

P00077.011 Burial service beside the grave of Australian soldier

E00847 Two soldiers look at the inscriptions on crosses in cemetery

H12653 Belgium cemetery which contained 11848 graves

J00030 Soldier laying flowers on grave

P00735.005 Grave marker of Australian killed in Belgium

E05925 French children tending graves of Australians killed in battle on Front

Total images: 50

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