Five minutes with…Adrian Tamburini

In the lead up to our performance of ‘An Australian War Requiem’ on 11 November, we asked our soloists for their thoughts on being part of such an important event. Adrian Tamburini, Bass, who so memorably sang with us at the premiere in August 2014, has kindly provided the following responses.

Adrian Tamburini – An Australian War Requiem August 2014

What did you find tempting about the invitation to sing in An Australian War Requiem?

I was drawn to this work purely because it was a new Australian work. The chance to work directly with the composer, Christopher Bowen is so appealing with the added bonus of having him conduct the performance as well.

Do you have a personal connection to the Great War?

Sadly, no. My family originates from Italy, I am not sure if any of my forefathers were connected to the war.

What is the most poignant (and enduring) image evoked for you by the libretto?

Unlike the ‘typical’ Requiem mass set to the traditional Latin text, the AWR uses the words of Australian Soldiers to paint the picture of their experiences, their feelings and their thoughts. It’s an extraordinarily personal libretto infused with humanity and pathos.

What do you think is the key message of the AWR, for us one hundred years after the Armistice?

I think the key message is that war is wrong. Sadly, we are still at war. We have defence personnell on the front line and it seems that the world hasn’t learnt the lessons about the futility of war.

What are you looking forward to most about performance on November 11?

Being a part of the enormous team that is the SUGC which will give life to this incredible work again.

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